you pay peanuts…

…well you don’t quite get monkeys if you pay a distributor peanuts, but you are increasing the risk of a bad service.

TYM Leaflets don’t send our distributors out by themselves and hope they deliver, we monitor the entire distribution from start until finish ensuring that our guys are keeping time and motivated on doing a good job.

Lets do the maths: It can take a distributor an average of 8 hours to distribute 1000 leaflets. At minimum wage (£6.08), the distributor alone should be getting around £48 alone. Now that is not including the company profit and any overheads. So if a company is offering you solus distrbution at £35-40 per 1000, then the distributor is getting paid well below the minimum wage, you can imagine how motivated they are to delivering 1000 leaflets!

We train…yes train our distributors to deliver quick. TYM Leaflets have teamed up with ATP Fitness who ensure our distributors are fit, strong and complete a fast delivery. Our team are employed by us on contracts and are graded each shift to ensure their performance is excellent everytime. This means a better service for our clients and better results too.

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