Why leaflets are so effective

Whether your an estate agent looking to let vendors know about your services, a Garage offering a free tyre check or a restaurant showing off a new menu. Leaflet delivery is great to deliver your message directly to your customers.

Leaflets have the advantage of reaching your customer in their home. It’s not an annoying radio jungle repeated on the radio or a cold call at the wrong time. It will arrive on the recipients floor and will be looked at, even just a glance. As we deliver solus only (your leaflet by itself) this greatly increases the chance of the leaflet being seen. It’s always good to add an offer to your leaflet, something that the recipient will want to take advantage of.

Leaflet campaigns can be easily measurable. A prospect may phone you the minute they see your leaflet, or your leaflet may be kept for an appropriate time. You can easily track how successful your leaflet is with a reference for a special offer (quote FREE3 when you call) or you can set up your own email/phone number on your leaflets to track the response. Of course the easiest option is to ask customers where they learned about your business.

For less than 5p per household, leaflet marketing is cost effective. That’s right for less that 5p per household, 4.95p to be precise*. We will deliver your leaflet to the area of your choosing, promoting your business and finding you customers. Can’t say fairer than that!

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*price based on a minimum 10k campaign, blanket delivery to built up areas

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