Number 1 for Leaflet Delivery in South London

Since being established in 2012 we’ve slowly built our reputation to provide our clients with a professional and reliable leaflet delivery service in London. We’re now the number one company in across South London* and how did we do this?

From the start we made it our ethos to create a leaflet delivery company that refused to cut corners and employ the very best workers to do, what many seem to think, is an ‘easy’ job. We found that many businesses weren’t getting the results they wanted from a leaflet campaign and this boiled down to two things:

1. Underpaid staff

2. Unsupervised staff

Straight away we developed a system which meant that all our distributors were managed and tracked properly. Delivering leaflets for a full day can demotivate even the most enthusiastic staff. By providing a supervisor who monitors the team, we saw an increase in the amount of leaflets we can deliver in one day. This is passed on to the client, with record amounts of leaflets being delivered, we get our clients the best response they can get which in turn keeps our business thriving.

We’re a young, positive and friendly company and awaiting your call to discuss your direct marketing.



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