Make your advertising stand out from the rest

How many Ad’s do we see each day?

If you read the paper in the morning, go online or switch on the TV. You are bombarded with adverts.

In the business we are in we see literally hundreds of different leaflets designs each month. We also monitor which designs work better than others.

Here is our 5 tips on making your advertising stand out

1. Headline over logo

We know you love your logo and business, we know you know what you do and what your logo means. But do your potential customers know who you are, what you do and how you can help them from your logo? Probably not! We’ve seen 100’s of leaflet designs where the first thing that stands out is the company logo or name. Don’t get us wrong, this is great for brand awareness. But what works even better is a catchy headline that will lure the recipient to read on. Lets face it, a leaflet can have a limited lifespan, unless it grabs attention. i.e. ‘This leaflet could save you ££££’s’, ‘We’ll clean your gutter for FREE’, ‘You’re just 5 mins away from claiming £100’ etc etc

2. Plenty of benefits

So you’d got the recipients attention, to keep this attention outline all your benefits to your potential customer. They don’t need to know what your company name is just yet, just that you (whoever you are) can help or be of some benefit. A leaflet is great as you can utilise both sides and really pack it with key benefits and information. Remember they aren’t going to read much of your leaflet if the headline does nothing for them, so all this information is for the recipients that have got passed the headline and are actually interested in what you have to offer so don’t disappoint them 🙂

3. Credibility

OK so now they are interested, and unless you are a big known brand in your area that people talk about or can trust of your name it would be good to provide some sort of credibility. Have you done any recent work in your field in their area? Estate agents regularly put pictures of recently sold properties in the area we target for them. This gives the recipient the feeling that you can be trusted as other people in their community are using your services. Putting down something as simple as ‘We have cleared gutters for 50 homes in your area last month’ could be the difference between them calling or not

4. Clear contact details

No point having 2 numbers, 2 emails, 1 website address. You’ll probably frustrate the potential customer. Having 1 clear number can work well, why? In this day, sending an email is easy, no obligation and who cares if you get a reply or not right? To pick up a phone and call requires a bit more effort and if the potential customer is calling you they may be a bit more of a ‘qualified’ prospect that one that emails you. If you are going to include an email, again make it simple and clear. We don’t normally recommend websites, as you then lose your customer to the web searches and your competition. In which case you may as well just spent the direct marketing budget on SEO.

5.Close it with a timed offer

OK so you’ve got their attention, they require your services and they are ready to contact you. But they put your leaflet in a drawer or pin it to the fridge. Why? Because you didn’t put a timed offer on it. There is no rush for them to call you, and when they find your leaflet in a month’s time you may get the call then. By the way, this happens often in our field. So with our previous headline ‘We’ll clean your gutter for FREE*’ adding an asterix and a simple message at the bottom reading, ‘*offer ends July 30th, book in now to avoid disappointment’ can help push your potential customer just that little bit to take action. After all they do require their gutter cleaned and you are providing it for free! Aren’t you? 😛

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