Leg Strength and Distributing Leaflets

Distributing leaflets door to door may sound easy, but you ask a distributor after 6-8 hours work how they feel!

During a shift our distirbutors will find themselves walking on uneven ground, up and down steps, around gates and up hills.

In order for us to ensure our workers are able to distribute for long periods we first had figure out what an ideal distirbutor would require in terms of strength and endurance.

Now we’re in the marketing business, distributing leaflets in London and Croydon. So who better to ask than the professionals! We approached one of our clients; ATP Fitness. Head trainer Peter Banister helped us develop an leg strength assessment so that we could assess our distributors during the recruitment phases. 

Distributing leaflets for hours on end doesn’t necessarily require cardio fitness, but there is a need for endurance and leg strength stability. There is a lot of twisting and turning, especially distributing leaflets in London where the houses are close together. But also alot of climbing hills and uneven roads, this is more apparent a little further out when we distribute leaflets in croydon, coulsdon and Purley.

Our assessment involves short and effective exercises to test the distributors during recruitment. We see over 100 potential distributors each month and only a handful make it through to the trials. They are then tested on how they would perform during a live drop, this not only taxes their legs but also their mentality for the job. Only the best are chosen and are given the TYM Leaflets uniform and are added to the team!

A lot of effort goes into our recruitment process which is why our distribution service is among the best in the UK. If you’re thinking of a leaflet drop to promote your business, have a chat with us about it: 020 8242 4160

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