Does leaflet marketing still hold its own against digital marketing? How can it benefit your business today?

These are some of the questions that might linger in your mind when it comes to deciding what’s best for your business.

“The smart reading device of the future may be paper” Brandon Keim, science writer for Wired Magazine.

This may be the re-birth or leaflet marketing over emails and social media adverts. Consumers internalise pictures and images into their brains – therefore more likely to remember later on what they saw. This news is hopeful for leaflet marketing campaigns which still maintain a constant in the background in this digital age. When was the last time you saw a leaflet come through your door? What did you do with it?

Here are some useful pointers to help you with your leaflet marketing campaign for your business.

1) You can target a specific group of people

By doing this you target your campaign to a specific group of people and area. This method, allows for a more successful response. Leaflets usually arrive in the daily post whether solus or with other leaflets. You can capture your audience by offering coupons, discounts and services. It is very important to include a point of contact, email or website.

2) Leaflet distribution is quick

You can reach many people in a short space of time. This is essential in generating leads for your business. To do a leaflet distribution campaign it can take merely a few hours or day to reach your potential customers. Leaflets have longevity and a more likely to be remembered, set aside or referred back to at a later point.

3) It is affordable 

If you don’t have a huge marketing budget, leaflets is an affordable option for your business. Its “old school” and still has its great benefits. It has remained low for many years and still is an effective option.

4) The design is important

Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong. You could design your own leaflet in a few hours with some know how.

*create eye-catching imagery

*use a snappy headline

*include a call to action

*list a limited offer or special discount

* don’t forget to include contact details – a number is preferable

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Once you have these in place and have invested in a fabulous leaflet design get quality printing and distribution!

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