Targeting Properties for Sale in Balham and Tooting

Case Study 01

Targeting Properties for sale in Balham in Tooting

The Challenge

This is an interesting one. One of our clients wanted to target properties for sale in Balham and Tooting. They booked in a 25k leaflet campaign and had a special request.


During the leaflet delivery in Balham. They asked if our team would be able to make a note of the door numbers and roads of the houses with a For Sale or For Let sign.

They would use this information to launch their own targeted marketing campaign in house.


Our Solution

Normally we would not do this, as the role of a leaflet distributor is already quite full on. Not only do they have to complete their leaflet and map quota. They have to do their job in the merciless summer this year.


As this was a key factor in the clients campaign. We agreed that at a little additional cost we would be able to increase the distribution team size, therefore freeing up time amongst the team to give it a go!

The Result?

Quite a success! Over the 25k leaflet delivery in Balham and Tooting. The distribution team collected over 100 addresses for properties for sale, properties for let and properties sold and let. Ok, we know there are tons more properties for sale in Balham and Tooting. We would have loved to collect more but we are a the best leaflet distribution company in South London. Not the best property investigation company!

However this has given us an idea…


With more estate agents in Balham and estate agents in Tooting looking for ways to get an advantage on their competitors. This service could become quite popular.


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