conquering Surrey, one house at a time

Delivering leaflets in parts of Surrey can be hard and gruelling work. Some properties have driveways as long as roads and some neighbouring houses are so far apart you can wonder if they are even on the same road!

Since TYM Leaflets started in 2012 we made it our mission to provide a professional service that ensures our clients get their leaflets delivered and in turn the best results they can achieve from a direct marketing campaign. We deliver leaflets throughout South London, but when it came to the rural parts of Surrey we were up against a challenge. Bigger houses, more sparsely spaced properties and plenty of hills meant we couldn’t use the usual teams to complete the same number of leaflets.

The teams we use are extremely fit and strong. They are put through a number of test throughout our recruitment process to ensure they have ability to cope with walking for hours over difficult terrain. We now have a system in place to ensure that even the toughest areas in Surrey are delivered to with the same success as Urban London. So far we have picked up many clients in these areas who have found our way of working not only unique but great for getting results. The ability to clear a large number of leaflets fast has contributed to maintaining all our clients in the Surrey areas with many leading estate agents, retailers and restaurants now with TYM Leaflets.

If you’re thinking of a direct marketing campaign for your business, contact us for a no obligation, friendly chat: 0208 242 4160

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