Conditioning the mind for business..

Welcome to the first and one of many for tYm’s business blog. 

As anyone knows, in business when you set a challenge or goal. On the road to Success there is suddenly 100’s of obstacles to overcome, hurdles to jump and walls to climb! It’s as though an invisible force is constantly trying to stop you in you along your way to success by putting these problems in your path.

If we were to put that literally and we said the challenge was to ‘jump 50 hurdles in a set time’ in order to achieve your life long goal. You’d immediately start your physical training right?! plymetrics, stamina, strength training etc etc

So with the various obstacles, hurdles and walls in the way to your business success, what is the equivalent?

We like to call it conditioning the mind for business! 

Lets say as a business owner, someone has avoided paying your invoice. The natural response would be to get angry or upset. We often look to blame someone or something for what has happened…the question is, will this actually help the situation?? the short answer is NO

The moment you get upset or angry the part of your brain which thinks logically and ‘business like’ (the Neocortex) shuts down. Your emotional part of your brain (the Paleocortex) takes over and as it is emotionally based, it wants you to fight or cry! Neither is good in business.

Conditioning the mind to act calm when a crisis or problem occurs, takes the same training as it would, to do a physical fete of the equivalent. Just like a boxer conditions their body for 12 rounds of tough physical activity. We, as business owners, must condition our minds to take on all the pitfalls and set backs.

Next time a problem arises in your business or everyday life. Take a deep breath before reacting!

Heres a few tips:

– take full responsibility for everything, blaming others or something creates more negativity and still leaves you with a problem to solve

– forget what has happened to put you in the situation you are in, instead pick up the pieces and decide (calmly) what is the best way to move on

– think of problems as opportunities, theres a saying ‘when god send you a gift, he wraps it in a problem’

– try not to use the word ‘problem’. It creates a negative feeling by just saying it, instead use; situation, challenge or even opportunity

– remember the mind is the MOST powerful tool you have so train it everday

‘our life is the creation of our mind’ – Buddha



 More to come….

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