Business to Business Leaflets (B2B)

Nothing beats the personal touch in marketing. One aspect of leaflet distribution we have identified to be growing and quite popular is business to business (B2B).

A typical B2B service that TYM leaflet distributors provide is that following a briefing about your business, they inadvertently make statements to help promote your business. If you are a printing firm, for example, and are currently offering 50% discount on Blsck toners, our distributors would hand our leaflets to staff members of other businesses, stating ‘50% off Black toners’.

This may sound simple and obvious but it is also highly effective. We have found that handling a leaflet to someone and then saying something to get their attention increases their interest in the product. As a result we have seen B2B campaigns generating as much as 5 times more than the response to a residential campaign.

Were now running b2b campaigns across London, each campaign is fully supervised and tailored to your needs and requirements. Feel free to contact the team for further details: 0208 242 4160



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