Bringing in the Experts

Delivering leaflets for a full day is, by many, very underestimated in terms of fitness and strength.Our teams can carry up to 10kg, delivering leaflets at a good pace and have to clear their quota of leaflets in a deadline.

Choosing the right employees that are physically fit and able, is very important to keeping up the high standards within the TYM Leaflets team. So we had to develop an effective recruitment process to get the right people for the job. This is where ATP ( came in. ATP, who is also one of our clients, offer fitness and strength bootcamp classes and personal training.

We approached ATP to put together a physical assessment we could use during recruitment, which would test new candidates quickly if they’d be able to take on the gruelling work of a distributor. We see over 100 applicants a month and the brief was that we had a limited time during each recruitment session. ATP developed a fast and effective excercise program to test the new recruits and pass or fail them for the next stage.

Since ‘bringing in the experts’ our level of distributors has risen, we have retained a higher % of staff and each month the record amount of leaflets being delivered is being smashed by our fit and strong teams! If you’d like to see the team in action we offer a service for new clients to join the team during your campaign and see how we work, contact us for more information: 0208 242 4160 or


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