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Interview with John at First Union Estate Agents

As part of our Motivational Monday’s series; We are seeking inspiration from our wide client base of established business owners. This week we had a quick chat with John Chase of First Union Estate Agents. John [...]

6 ways to improve your leaflet design

If your leaflet design sucks, don’t hold your breath. We’ve seen our fair share of leaflet design and in one sentence, a leaflet that sucks is a leaflet that has no benefit to your customer. [...]

Why leaflets are so effective

Whether your an estate agent looking to let vendors know about your services, a Garage offering a free tyre check or a restaurant showing off a new menu. Leaflet delivery is great to deliver your [...]

Number 1 for Leaflet Delivery in South London

Since being established in 2012 we've slowly built our reputation to provide our clients with a professional and reliable leaflet delivery service in London. We're now the number one company in across South London* and [...]

conquering Surrey, one house at a time

Delivering leaflets in parts of Surrey can be hard and gruelling work. Some properties have driveways as long as roads and some neighbouring houses are so far apart you can wonder if they are even [...]

Bringing in the Experts

Delivering leaflets for a full day is, by many, very underestimated in terms of fitness and strength.Our teams can carry up to 10kg, delivering leaflets at a good pace and have to clear their quota [...]

Target Your Market….no Problem!

You want to target properties with drive ways only? NO PROBLEM! You want target areas with a low % of council properties? NO PROBLEM! You want to target estates and council blocks only? NO PROBLEM! [...]

finding properties fast and cost effectively

If you're an estate agent seeking fast and cost effective ways to locate properties, TYM Leaflets could be your answer.  TYM Leaflets Ltd offer a professional and reliable service to London businesses; we are now [...]

Business to Business Leaflets (B2B)

Nothing beats the personal touch in marketing. One aspect of leaflet distribution we have identified to be growing and quite popular is business to business (B2B). A typical B2B service that TYM leaflet distributors provide [...]

Use a great team to get your leaflets delivered

When launching our company in 2012 our overall mission was to ensure that we provided the most reliable and professional distribution service to all businesses and clients in South London.  Since then we have not [...]

you pay peanuts…

...well you don't quite get monkeys if you pay a distributor peanuts, but you are increasing the risk of a bad service. TYM Leaflets don't send our distributors out by themselves and hope they deliver, [...]

conquer your local area

  Keeping the locals aware of your services and products is a great way to increase regular clients, Why target customers miles away, when you can have them right on your door step. This helps [...]

Does Leaflet Distribution work? We use it!

When a potential client asks if leaflet distribution works, ofcourse we'll say yes! But how many leaflet distribution companies actually use their own services to get business? We're proud to say that we get atleast [...]

Canvassing for Christmas?

As we're heading to the festive season and consumers are in the spending mood. Now is an excellent time to let 1000s of potential customers know about your products and services! With the help of [...]

Leaflet Distributing Across London

 Although the majority of our client base is in Croydon and South London, TYM Leaflets has been recently distributing across London. One advantage we have over most other companies is that our new distributors are [...]

Leg Strength and Distributing Leaflets

Distributing leaflets door to door may sound easy, but you ask a distributor after 6-8 hours work how they feel! During a shift our distirbutors will find themselves walking on uneven ground, up and down [...]


are you good at multi-tasking? We prefer single minded focus 'if you're going to do a job, do it properly' you've heard it a thousand times, and it rings true. If you are going to [...]

5 things that do NOT work with a leaflet campaign

The last newsletter was focused on why a leaflet campaign would help your business. You can read this here: www.wetargetyourmarket.co.uk/news.asp Leaflet Distribution is like any other marketing, there is never really a right or wrong way [...]

TYM Leaflet Distribution in London

We're happy to say we are expanding! TYM Leaflets now do leaflet distribution in London. Some of our new clients are located in SW; Balham, Clapham, Brixton and Tooting. We have been very careful with [...]

tYm finally has a website

After several months with the one page fill-in website, we finally have a home on the net! We’d like to thank our design team for the logos/photography and JJ-solutions for building the site. More news, [...]

Conditioning the mind for business..

Welcome to the first and one of many for tYm's business blog.  As anyone knows, in business when you set a challenge or goal. On the road to Success there is suddenly 100's of obstacles [...]

why do a leaflet drop???

So why do a leaflet distribution to market your business? With leaflets you can target a specific area to test your product/service. Leaflets are tangible, and if designed correct can stay within a household with [...]

tYm is recruiting again…but with a difference

tYm is proud to be putting together our new 'speed distribution' team.. not only will our new recruits be tested physically but will be required to have the same professional leaflet ettiquette as our regular [...]

Perfecting the distribution system

Here at tYm we are always striving to perfect the distribution system to ensure we deliver leaflets, fast, professionally and produce results. We are now using the latest software and online databases to ensure the [...]

Building a reputation in Croydon

tYm distribution have made it into the top 15 best leaflet distribution businesses in the UK on freeindex reviews and are currently highest ranked distribution in Croydon. We are striving to move onwards and upwards [...]

Expanding the team!

tYm distribution has increased staff by 4 new members, we aim to speed up deliveries, monitoring every single one so that your leaflet is delivered fast, effectively and in a professional, courteous manner.  

tYm open up for more job opportunities

we are looking for another 4 team members to join the team. The successful candidates would have to be friendly, hardworking, honest, polite, proactive and can work with a team. Since advertising we have had [...]

Keeping an eye on distribution

tYm has decided that even sending out the most trustworthy and reliable distributors is not enough. We wanted to offer clients complete peace of mind. As our number one FAQ was: ‘how do we know [...]

tYm is born!

After years getting the leaflets distributed for his own business as he was unable to find a reliable distribution company that could target specific areas. Managing Director Jason, decided there may be a gap in [...]