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Proximity Marketing

TYM Adpod® Marketing

The future of direct marketing.

We’re very excited to announce our brand new service. TYM Adpod® Marketing.

What is it?

Partnering with the leading Bluetooth marketing company in the UK we have developed the TYM adpod®. The pod will transmit a short a URL link to your website/landing page directly to your prospects phone.

How does it work?

A member of our team will hold the pod in a place of high footfall (outside a tube station, on a busy high street etc).

The pod will continuously transmit your promotional message and URL to your potential customers who have android phones with Bluetooth on. The message will appear on their phone as a ‘non intrusive’ notification. It is where they see missed calls, text messages, Facebook notifications etc. Getting a message here is
considered ‘prime device real estate’ on tablets and phones.

Think, how many times you check your notifications a day? Once they see the notification, they can click on your URL and be brought directly to your site. We record this ‘click’ and can report back to you how many people clicked through to your website.

The pod will send out your URL every 3 seconds throughout the day to anyone within 400m radius. And that is just ONE pod.

You can see the potential is huge!

Add to your leaflet campaign. From just £50 (excl. vat)

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