A Bit About Us

We Deliver

There’s no magic behind our industry. It’s quite simple. If a leaflet goes through the letterbox the resident sees it. This is our number one priority with each campaign. Throughout your campaign, a TYM Leaflets supervisor is at hand to manage the distribution team.


We are the only leaflet distribution company in London that takes into account the size of the property and the different terrains of each area. Why is this important? If an area has large houses or lots of hills it takes longer to deliver to and requires a larger team. We book in the correct amount of workers so that your distribution map is coverage properly.


We are by far the most accurate distribution company in London. How do we achieve this? Using our GPS tracking system and continuous updates with our supervisors throughout the day. We can take a clients requirements of specific roads and property types and ensure this is completed accurately.

More personal service

Fed up with dealing with companies who pass you around to different staff whenever you have more than one question? We are a small friendly team. You can rest assured that any questions you have will be answered swiftly and you will deal with the same friendly staff from start to finish. This is why we are rated number one in South London on freeindex and on Google Reviews.

The right amount of distributors

Nearly all distribution companies will provide the same number of workers despite they target area. We will check the distribution area with our mapping software and unique database to ensure the right amount of workers are provided to cover your area. Other companies won’t do this and will fall short when trying to complete your distribution map.