6 ways to improve your leaflet design

Use effective leaflet design

If your leaflet design sucks, don’t hold your breath.

We’ve seen our fair share of leaflet design and in one sentence, a leaflet that sucks is a leaflet that has no benefit to your customer.

So if you find yourself focusing too much on your company and how great you are. STOP.

It is an absolute must to be thinking from your customers point of view. This will turn that 250gsm piece of gloss paper into an enquiry that is worth real £££.

You’ve probably heard that a leaflet has 2-5 seconds to make an impression. Well unfortunately it is true and in this day in age, it is likely to be 1-2 seconds. So think bold, think easy to read and think quick to the point.

6 Ways to Improve your leaflet design

1. Start with a Problem

That’s right, what problem are you solving for your customers? House sale? Blocked gutters? Lose weight? Whatever your customers problem, relate to this and state it right at the top of your leaflet to grab their attention.

2. Agitate

Once you’ve established the problem and now you’ve got your customers attention. Agitate it; has your house been on the market over 6 months? Water leaking from your gutters and ruining your walls? Fed up with feeling lethargic and low on energy? You’re just emphasising the problem they already have, so that you can offer a..

3. Solution

Very important and self explanatory and you can now tell your customer how wonderful your business is and how they need you. Once you’ve stated this, always, always, always! Have an

4. Offer

‘10% off with this leaflet’, ‘quote reference for 20% off’, ‘special off this month with this leaflet’ etc. Some offer, any offer! Give your customers a reason to hang on to your leaflet for a bit longer. Be creative. One of our clients offered a free yoga class if they brought the leaflet to their studio by the following day. Anything goes here, as long as you’re offering something.

5. Credibility

Have happy customers? Show it off! Do you have high ratings on google, trustpilot or freeindex? It’s key you add this to the leaflet. People love recommendations and credibility. Add some logos of your existing clients. Add who you currently work with, photos of previous jobs or clients. For an example see the top of our home page: https://www.tymleaflets.com

6. Close

Finally and equally importantly, go for a close; contact us now, call us now, email us today. It’s amazing how, by simply asking for a call, the customer will call you!


Ok. Door to door marketing is a numbers game. But with an effective leaflet design, you’ll have that edge on your competition.

We have experienced design staff who will be happy to create an effective design for you at an affordable cost. We offer FREE leaflet design with every campaign over 20k. Contact us here https://www.tymleaflets.com/contact-us/

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