5 ways a leaflet campaign can help your business

#1 Your leaflet WILL be noticed

Sure we all do it; A leaflet comes through the letterbox and goes straight in the bin! However there is that little instance, maybe 1-3 seconds that we may look at the leaflet before scrunching it up. A professionally and effectively designed leaflet needs only 1-3 seconds to get the recipients attention. A great headline, image or question usually does the trick. Following this up with some key benefits to your customer and a phone number to call sounds simple, but is highly effective. Some of the best responses we’ve had for our clients are from simple, straight-to-point leaflets. No thrills. No fancy design. Just key benefits and a contact number. Put this through 10,000 letter boxes and you have a very powerful marketing tool.

#2 Leaflets last

So your leaflet has been noticed by a recipient. Theres a great offer on it, so good that the recipient does not throw the leaflet, instead sticks it to the fridge or puts it in a drawer to refer to later. They may forget its there after a few days, but its still there! Everytime they see the leaflet theres a chance they’ll call you. 

#3 You control the marketing

The households you leaflet won’t go anywhere, so you can design a strategy to target an area several times over several months. This builds awareness of your brand, so that when your service is required. They automatically think of your company. Our regular clients use this strategy to great effect and so can you!

#4 You can time your campaign

If you know the free local paper is delivered on a Wednesday, it would be wise not to have your leaflet delivered straight after it! Or perhaps you think your customers would be less likely to check their post on a Monday after the first day back at work so you’d prefer a Tuesday. Maybe even certain areas are better to distribute to on certain days than others. Whatever the requirement, there is great flexibility in a leaflet campaign.

#5 Test your market

Whether you’re a start up business checking what demand there is for your product or service. Or an established business wanting to promote a new product or offer, a leaflet campaign is a cost effective way to do this. With a targeted, solus (leaflet delivered by itself) distribution drop. You can easily monitor the response rate and check what works best for you. A good distribution business should be able to give you a breakdown report of where your leaflet was delivered to, so you can better cross reference to determine how effective the campaign was.

..and finally

Leaflet distribution is another marketing tool and should be approached with the same professional attitude as any other marketing tool. TYM Leaflets use trained distributors, each distribution is fully supervised and leaflets are only ever delivered solus for maximum effectiveness. It’s shocking the amount of companies that will give a distributor 1000’s of leaflets, a map and say ‘off you go’ we’ll pay you when it’s done!

Our clients range from small home businesses, to fast food outlets to Estate Agents to the Royal Mail. Every distribution is treated with respect and professionalism. With the main goal to get results! If you’d like to know more contact us on: 020 8242 4160


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