5 things that do NOT work with a leaflet campaign

The last newsletter was focused on why a leaflet campaign would help your business. You can read this here: www.wetargetyourmarket.co.uk/news.asp

Leaflet Distribution is like any other marketing, there is never really a right or wrong way to do things. If it brings in more sales for your business then it’s all good!

However, below is 5 things that (in our experience) tend NOT to work with a leaflet campaign.

#1 Unrealistic Amount Delivered

Leaflets are a numbers game. The more people who are ‘exposed’ to what you have to offer, the more chance there is that you’ll get a response. Sure you can try and use 500 leaflets to a well targeted number of houses. But if the response rate is 1% then it may not have the effect you want. 10k leaflets may sound like a lot. But is becoming the industry standard. What you’ll also find is that 10k leaflets works out better for costs and also gives you a much greater coverage.

#2 Complicated Leaflet Design

Having your company logo, photos and all your services on a leaflet sounds ideal. It gives the recipient something to learn about your company. But having too much information on a leaflet can have the opposite effect. People are impatient, they want to know what it is you have to offer and right now! We call it the 3 second rule, but your flyer has around this time to grab the attention of the homeowner and make them want to read more! A simple question or headline: ‘Do you need your gutter cleared’ may not appeal to everyone, but for those that do need their gutters cleared suddenly your flyer means something! Get attention quick, hold it and get them to call you. This is the basis to any good leaflet design.

#3 Sharing your distribution with another company

At TYM we say, don’t do it! You’re already competing with your industry competitors, let alone the other companies that use leaflets to advertise in your target area. Sharing your leaflet with other companies, not only dilutes your advertising impact but gives the impression of ‘junk mail’ when 2 to 3 leaflets come through a letter box at once. Your leaflet delivered solus (by itself) professionally designed and with the right message looks more professional and gets more attention.

#4 Paying peanuts

Well, you’ve heard the saying; You pay peanuts, you get monkeys! 1,000 leaflets takes around 8 hours to deliver. Any distributor on minimum wage (£6) should be getting £48 for that 1,000 leaflets to be delivered. If a company is charging you £30 to deliver 1,000 leaflets, either the distributor is being underpaid or the company is making no profit. Either way, it will result in a poor quality distribution campaign. 

#5 Fast response

We’ve seen some very effective leaflets get responses straight away. Leaflet marketing works like this, but it also works slowly. As leaflets are kept in households, stuck to fridges or put in drawers it can take several days, weeks or sometimes months (our record is 8 months after a leaflet drop!) for a response. Some of the best marketing strategies involves targeting an area on a month to month basis. This produces a steady flow of calls and reduces the risk of residents forgetting you. 

..and finally

Leaflet distribution is another marketing tool and should be approached with the same professional attitude as any other marketing tool. TYM Leaflets use trained distributors, each distribution is fully supervised and leaflets are only ever delivered solus for maximum effectiveness. It’s shocking the amount of companies that will give a distributor 1000’s of leaflets, a map and say ‘off you go’ we’ll pay you when it’s done!

Our clients range from small home businesses, to fast food outlets to Estate Agents to the Royal Mail. Every distribution is treated with respect and professionalism. With the main goal to get results! If you’d like to know more contact us on: 020 8242 4160


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